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Lovers walk at Waterfront Park in downtown Charleston, SC

Lovers Walk

***I updated this with a different crop based on a friendly editor’s eye.***

This is Waterfront Park here in Charleston, SC.  For this project entry I was shooting some static and boring shots down this path with an idea to frame the fountain at the end and play up the motion of the water.  I had set up my camera with ISO 100, f/8.0 and manual focus on the just forward of the fountain.  Those shots are ok.  They technically achieved what I was trying to do.  But they are BORING, and in need of a real subject.

So as I was standing there contemplating the shot, I noted a Citadel Cadet with his girlfriend were walking past me.  I knew the white uniform and her light clothing would light up as they passed the street lamp.  I immediately visualized this shot in my mind, complete with the black and white, toned processing.  I also knew I wanted the bit of ghosting/movement in the couple rather than a stop-motion static shot.  The trouble is, I had a camera set up in manual to do something completely different with the scene and I had only a moment to adjust and get the frame.  For this photograph I had just time enough to dial down to f/2.8 to minimize the ghost/blur of the couple to the effect desired and refocus.  I’m happy with the result here.  If there had been a bit more time, I would have bumped the ISO to 800 or so in order to use a slightly smaller aperture and get a bit more depth of field.

For post-processing I had to do quite a bit of burn on the right side trees that bracket the street lamp.  Other than that this is fairly straightforward black and white conversion with a vignette and quadtone added at the end.

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Written by Brian Fancher

April 25, 2010 at 9:07 am

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