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Rainbow Row home in Charleston, SC.

Rainbow Row

Charleston’s Rainbow Row homes get a lot of tourist press.  These homes along East Bay street create a melange of bright Carribean pastel color along an otherwise stately section of historic homes.  The corridor draws tourists and photographers in droves on all but the most inclement days.  Painters have captured the row in its glory a thousand ways.  Most photographers look for a spot to pull as many of the homes into the frame together as possible.  Of course most days parked cars mar the images.  Regardless, the paintings and photos are all attempts to take a bit of charming Charleston back home.

I have known I will include the Row in my 365 project, but I also knew I didn’t want to just go try to take a standard shot of the place.  A while back I did a series of photographs of the details of some historic homes in downtown.  Today I thought “how about a series of detail images of these homes along Rainbow Row.  I don’t have to show the entire home.  Just capture the color and something distinctive.  I will frame these as 8x10s, and hang 3-5 of them on a wall together.  An altogether more thoughtful approach to capturing the essence of this particular place, I think.

So today I did a quick bit of scouting along the row and took a few sample images in order to better plan the project.  The light was flat, overcast, and uninteresting, at least for the mood I’m hoping to capture.  While it made for saturated colors, the houses just didn’t come alive in the frames.  I also played around with depth of field a bit.  After getting these home and playing with them I have decided the photographs need to have all elements sharp rather than here in this photo where the far window and flowers are out of focus.  The story is about the colors, but at this angle so little of the image is in focus it may strike some viewers as a mistake.

I look forward to finishing this project-within-a-project and sharing some of the images here.

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Written by Brian Fancher

March 18, 2010 at 6:25 pm

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