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A TrySports Team Believe Achieve Head Shot mock-up photograph

Team Believe-Achieve

I am working on a head shot mock-up for the multisports team I race for.  This is our second year in existence and we’ve got a lot of new members.  One of the things we didn’t get quite right last year was our media presence, due in large part to the absence of team photographs for much of the year.  We did a late year photo shoot but by then we couldn’t capitalize.  So this year since I’ve already got this Project 365 going, I’ll be working on some standard media head shots and social media photos for the team.

This was a standard two-umbrella shot against a white seamless background and with a white fill board just under the frame in front.  The subject is offset to give space for type copy.  I had a gold reflector in the right side umbrella which I don’t think I’d use again in this instance since it muddied up the white on that side a bit.

One oddity I found in post processing was that when I saved for the web in Photoshop after adding the type copy and logo, I got an odd color cast to the image.  I went back to Aperture, which had the Photoshop version embedded at that point and found that the saved .jpg came out exactly as the Photoshop .psd file looked so that is the version I used here.  I went back to the Photoshop “Save for Web….” dialog and made sure I had checked “convert to sRGB” and found it was properly checked.  Unchecking the box made the color even worse.  I’ve not experienced that before in my workflow.  If anyone has any ideas, I’m all ears!

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Written by Brian Fancher

February 10, 2010 at 9:43 pm

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