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Every kid should have a trampoline.  Or a friend with a trampoline.  So sayeth Mrs. Sojourns!  We bought our boys a trampoline for Christmas and they’ve instantly become the most popular kids in the neighborhood.  Oh to be a kid again.  They can jump for hours on end!

A perfect opportunity to try some shooting outdoors in bright sunlight.  I ball-bungeed a 580 EX II strobe with a 1/4 CTO to one of the netting uprights on camera right.  I set the camera white balance to “cloudy” and triggered with Canon’s ST-E2.  While I normally shoot with both camera and flashes on manual, today I decided to use ETTL flash and Shutter Priority because I didn’t want to have to climb off the roof to adjust the strobe settings.  With ETTL I could dial the strobe up or down without moving from my shooting position.  I also used AI Servo focusing to try to keep up with the fast-jumping boys.  All-in-all, this turned out pretty well and I had a couple of keepers in a relatively few shutter clicks.

Lesson for the day:  When shooting in this situation with these settings, it may be best to avoid blue shirts.  The other boy had a blue shirt on and he ended up with blue skin tones despite the 1/4 CTO on the strobe.  I suppose I could have also tossed on a 1/2 or 3/4 CTO instead, but that would have meant climbing off the roof.


Written by Brian Fancher

January 18, 2010 at 6:32 pm

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