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The day nearly got away from me.  I’m reminded that time management is a trainable skill.  Initially, my photographic intentions for number nine involved some view of Charleston waterfront.  After a long bike and run workout, a trip to the grocery, tossing dinner together, and prepping birthday cake, I was left with cold, dark night…and not a lot of time for the project.

So I grabbed my guitar and headed upstairs to the spare room which currently serves as a makeshift studio and Thomas the Tank Engine train track area.  This shot is nothing fancy.  A black background, shoot-through umbrella high from camera left, white reflector from camera right and a touch of flash from my rear to separate me from the background.  I shot with a 50mm lens, where a 35 probably would have been better to give a bit more space in the frame to the subject.

This will surely not be the last guitar shot in this project.  I’d like to try some more interesting band shoots on location.

Comment and critique are always welcome.  If you had 30 minutes or less to produce a photograph, what would you shoot?


Written by Brian Fancher

January 10, 2010 at 2:40 am

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